Square stump shredder

JS Series tree root stumps crusher is mainly for biomass power plant to shredding big unmovable tree root, stumps, wood branchs,etc, more efficient and economical.

  • Series:TCM-JS
  • Port:Shanghai
  • Mini Order:1 Set
  • Payment:T/T
  • Service:1 year after sale
  • Certisfication:CE SGS TUV

Product Details

TCM-JS series square stump shredder, also called root stump shredder machine, is mainly aimed at all kinds of stump (buried in the underground part)  were broken major crushing equipment, is our company according to the market demand for large body,  and stump cross complex, heavy and difficult to move, the volume of difficult breaking characteristics, a new type of professional development the production of crushing equipment.

Because the design is simple, reasonable, safe and durable, and the production efficiency is high, the effect is good after popularization. The whole set of equipment is driven by an electric motor, which has the advantages of small noise, stable work, high output, good finished product quality and low processing cost. It is an ideal crushing product for biomass power plants and processing plants. The device can be matched with a diesel engine (or a generator set) with wheels to move, and the use is more convenient. The machine can help users to save time and improve efficiency, the stump without splitting can be broken.

Product Application

We provide many kinds of baler machine fo our customers, and Square stump shredder can deal with the following materials, pls feel free to check and contact us!

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