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  • Quotation:FOB Price
  • Automatic Grade:Fully Automatic
  • Factory location:China
  • Model:TCM-S1200
  • Driver:Electric Motor
  • Customized:DIY
  • transport:shipping
  • Certification:CE SGS TUV ISO

Product Details

TCM-S1200 single shaft shredder is the second big models in all models and it has the second big power and cutting chamber. You can use it to deal with bigger materials just like plastic lump, like PP, PE, PET, PC, ABS, Nylon,Plastic pipes,Film, plastic moulds, textiles, Woven bags,Electronic Waste,Cable, Aluminum cans,Paper,Wood, Sponge, foam, etc.

This single shaft recycling shredder is widely used in the range of low speed, large torque crushing equipment. Materials after crushing can be sold as raw materials, or other products can be processed through other equipment.

TCM SHREDDER is the most professional China shredder machine supplier and manufacturer, we not only produce TCM-S1200 untha shredder cardboard, but also produce many other kinds of recycling machines just like sponge foam shredder/crusher, lead toothpaste tube shredder, metal shredder for sale, shredder plastic pails, paper hdpe pvc plastic pipe lumps one axis shredder, marine food waste shredder, china supplier plastic drums shredder, wood shredder machine spec, china plastic shredder, waima germany plastic shredder abs, mixed waste shredder, scrap metal shredder used car shredder scrap steel, cardboard recycling machine, cans grinder, film shredder machine, China used plastic crusher, old tyre recycling machine, industrial tyre shredder, waste plastic bottles, woven bags shredder manufacturer, big drum crusher, chemical barrels shredder, cardboard, large tyre shredder, women paper shredder, untha, China waste tire crusher, China wood chipper crusher, shredder for cable sheath, plastic recycling machine in ethiopia, fellowes shredder 99ci with bags, shredder for pvc, diesel wood shredder, industrial shredder shoes, plastic shredder mechanism, waste shredder and recycling, rubber machinery whole tire shredder, waste mattres shredder machine, big textil shredder, good quality sell paper shredder, waste metal shredder with low price, marine scrap crusher, shredder and so on.

This machine has been exported to Argentina, Dominica, Philippines, and we also exports to many other countries like Gobon, Christmas Island, Pakistan, Lesotho, India, Azerbaijan, Benin, Dominican Republic, Guyana, Aruba, tokelau, Poland, Polynesia, Kazakhstan, Burkina Faso, Lucia, Guynea and so on. If you need this machine ,pls free to contact us!

Product Application

We provide many kinds of shredding machine fo our customers, and untha shredder cardboard can deal with the following martials, pls feel free to check and contact us!


1. Do you have factory to manufacture recycling shredder machine or you are only a seller in China?

We are the most professional baler supplier and manufacturer in China and we have our own factory to manufacture all shredder machine, curshers and many other recycling machine products for sale, our factory has been established for 12 years! In order to ensure product quality, we personally carry out R & D, manufacturing. You are welcome to visit our factory at any time if you feel ok!

2. On the premise of quality assurance, how do you guarantee to offer us the cheapest wholesale price in the whole recycling shredder machine industry or market?

We have 12 years of manufacturing experience in shredder machine industry, so we have a complete and efficient supply chain to reduce our manufacturing costs under the premise of quality assurance, and you can contact us directly without other dealers or agents in China, so you can get the cheapest price in the market! We can guarantee you get the better price than and many other brands.

3. How to choose suitable shredding machine?

For each series of products, we offer different models, small or big, mini size or large (huge) size recycling machine, if all models do not meet your requirements, we can redesign the machine for you own requirement. You will be satisfied with the diy or customized machine with the efforts of our engineers.

4. How can we get the newest FOB price and other infomation of your products?

Leave your message on our website, and we will send a word or PDF document containing the shredding machine quotation to you as soon as possible. if you need, we can also provide video or animation of our products.

5. How can I become an agent or dealer of TCM SHREDDER machine?

If you wanner to be an agent (dealer) of our company. Pls feel free to leave you message, and relevant personnel will contact you as soon as possible.

Product Paramter

Model TCM-S1200
Motor power (kw) 75
Voltage (v/hz)(Customized) 200-660V/3Phrase
Rotor-knives(pcs) 81
Counter-knives(pcs) 4
Blade material Cr12MoV/SKDII
Rotor diameter (mm) 450
Rotor speed(r/min) 78
Cutting chamber (mm) 1200×1100
Hydraulic power(kw) 4
Cylinder stroke(mm) 1100
Machine size(mm) 3350×2300×2660
Feeding size(mm) 1230×1700
Screen size(mm) 30-100
Weight(kg) 8000

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